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Enchanting Art Drawing Board (FAMOUS WORLD PLACES) Buy 1 Design Take 1 Design Free


Scratch a Painting: Unwind, Relax and Paint! 

Scratch the painting and become an artist

It's THERAPEUTIC! Unwind, Relax and Paint

Just enjoy the silence, Very easy to paint, Very good quality!!!

【How it works】
Zone out as you meticulously scratch away each stenciled line on the magic canvas to reveal a vibrant rainbow scene underneath! 
"All our customers are telling us the same thing: It just feels so good and relaxing, it's almost like a therapy. So please enjoy and have a great painting day!"

Size: 16" x 11"
Safe and non-toxic
Age Range: 6 years and Up
Gender: Unisex

【Package Including】

1 x scratch drawing board

1 x DIY scratch drawing board

1 x Wood Stylus Stick 
1x  Envelope

Scratch Art Rainbow】: Enchanting Art Drawing Board features bright colors and patterns hidden beneath a matte coating, Each board features a foil layer of sketches, Use scratch pen (included) to scratch off gray colored sketches, Revealing a beautiful colors underneath.

【Safe and Clean】: Made of cardboard, no odor, no toxic powder, only bring fun. The paper is thick and not easy to tear. At the same time, when the child draws, please pay attention to the sharpness of the tool to avoid injury. It is best to have an adult to guide them. This will turn into a good parent-child interaction project.

【Exercise Kids' Abilities and Interest Training】: Hand-eye coordination,and creativity; Developing a child interest in painting is a good choice. The wonderful scenery is presented at the fingertips, showing their artistic skills in Scratch's paintings.

【Home Decoration & Creative Gifts】: You Can Mount It with A Picture Frame Hung Up on The Wall or Put on Your Desk Top increase The Artistic Atmosphere and Decorate Your House, Also You can display the stunning final art or give them as gifts to friends or family.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:  We stand by our products! If you have any questions or concerns, we're here to help. Just email CustomerSupport @Pinaymommy101.com  or message our Facebook page for a quick reply.


Enchanted Kingdom, Philippines

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Petronas Tower , Malaysia


How to do IT?

1. Scratch the intricate design using the wooden pencil to reveal vibrant colors beneath

2. After delicate scratching, once done, you can frame it and hang it on a wall as a home decor.

Why Choose this HOBBY?

1. Art painting is a form of Art Therapy where in it releases stress and anxiety while doing the task,

2. This hobby is for any age including children and adults.

3. This improves fine motor skills for toddlers and children.
4. Improves also proper hand eye coordination.

5. Help kids behave and become busy, it also releases stress and anxiety with the young ones and the adults.

6. Soothes Your Mind for hours of pure relaxation.

7. Pick your own designs of the Famous Places around the world and bring it to your own home.

8. Kids become familiar with these Famous Places.

9. Choose a design of a place you are planning to visit or had visited already, this is a DIY painting so you could have a souvenir of them at your home.

10. The sketches are well packed in an elegant envelope perfect for gifts ideas. 

This Art Painting size of each sketch is 16' x 11" with wooden pencil included.




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